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I have always been interested in the American Red Indian, I guess the interest go's back to when I was a child and the influence of watching Westerns, later I was bought a book on American Indians by my late aunt and from there the interest as grown

Sundancer for TwoWolves

This song honors a most beautiful and sacred ceremony: The Sun Dance.

This ceremony is the highest spiritual expression of the Lakota people. With great reverence

I offer this song as the expression of my experience with this ceremony.

Sundancer, attach your spirit to the light / Dance for the people...sundancer

Sundancer, like an eagle you take flight / Your heart is sing your song

Drums like Thunder / As you dance across the sky

We stand in wonder / At this gift you give

Sundancer, attach your spirit to this tree of life / Prayer for peace...pray for peace

Sundancer, pray for the little ones we bring into this world today / May they find their way

Drums like Thunder / As you dance across the sky

We stand in wonder / At this gift you give...sundancer


Wankatakiya etunwan was'agya waciyo!

(Looking upward, dance with strength!)

Tunkasila iyuskinyan cekiyayo!

(Joyfully, pray to Tunkasila!)

Mitakuwe ob yanin kte lo!

(You and my relations will live!)

Sundancer, attach your spirit to the sun / Dance for your people now / Dance for our people too

Sundancer, may all hearts become as one as we dance with you

As we dance with you / May we dance with you / Dance with you


Music / Lyrics Written by Denean

Verse melody: adaptation from "Rio Grande"

(a pow wow dance song) by Howard Bad Hand

Lakota Lyrics: Howard Bad Hand

© Copyright 1993 Sacred Earth Music, BMI

All Rights Reserved

When the woman awoke in the morning and started to get up, she hit her face against a bundle lying by her, and when she opened it, she found in it moccasins and some pemmican; and she put on the moccasins and ate, and while she was putting on the moccasins and eating, she looked over to where she had last seen the person, and he was sitting there with his back toward her. She could never see his face. When she had finished eating, he got up and went on, and she rose and followed. They went on, and the woman thought, "Now I have travelled two days and two nights with this young man, and I wonder what kind of a man he is. He seems to take no notice of me." So she made up her mind to walk fast and to try to overtake him, and see what sort of a man he was. She started to do so, but however fast she walked, it made no difference. She could not overtake him. Whether she walked fast, or whether she walked slow, he was always the same distance from her.

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